First Spot Is My Week 2 Priority In NIMA Contest- PHONIX

23 year old indigene of Cross River state,  Edim Agam popularly known as PHONIX has revealed that occupying the first spot is his top priority as NIMA Voting Campaign enters Week 2. 

The singer, model and photographer stated this during exclusive interview with Platform Reporters on Tuesday following his emergence as second in Week 1 Voting Result earlier released on Monday morning by the organizers. 

In this Interview, Phonix talks about his reaction to the result and also advised fellow contestants on what to do to achieve a better result. Enjoy the excerpts: 

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your full name and your stage name.

PHONIX: My Name is Edim Agam E, and my Stage Name is Phonix. 

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your State of Origin and how old are you now?

PHONIX:  I’m from Cross River State in Nigeria, and I am 23. 

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your education qualification and course of study if a graduate or undergraduate.

PHONIX: I’m an undergraduate from the department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How do you feel when you saw your name on the second spot in the Week 1 Voting Result that was released Monday morning?

PHONIX: Well, I was extremely joyed and at the same time shocked because I wasn’t expecting 2nd place, I even screamed after seeing the result. 

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How easy or hard has it been for you campaigning for votes from your fans in the past one week?

PHONIX: It haven’t been easy though most persons have been very supportive. The stress of clinging to my device attending to chats, working on posts,  replying excessive messages and answering questions that are most times very annoying.  The good thing is: this campaign has taught me patience, perseverance and consistency. And I started working on my writing and communication skills, that’s a win for me so in as much that it has been tough, it has also been an amazing experience.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your advice to other contestants who didn’t make top 10 in week 1 and are probably feeling discouraged?

PHONIX: My advice to the contestants who didn’t make the Top 10 list for week 1 is simple: never relent, build hope and keep pushing, consistency is the pathway to excellence so saddle your belt and keep the fire burning in the up coming weeks.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: As a NIMA Contestant, what is your talent and what vibes are you coming to NIMA House with if you eventually qualify as a housemate?

PHONIX: I’m most talented in singing, I cook, I model and I’m also a writer and equally skilled in photography.

If I make it as one of the housemates, I will be coming in with crazy good vibes and off course drama with a touch of gbas gbos for the bad energies. 😁 I’m coming in with my best.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your current occupation, what are you doing currently to earn a living?

PHONIX: Still in school though, I model and I’m into photography part-time.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How prepared are you for this week 2 Voting Campaign. You know other contestants already feel challenged. Are you going to fight hard to overtake the person leading or you just want to retain your position? 

PHONIX:  I’m most prepared for this week campaign, it will be bigger, stronger and better. As for the Top 1 in the list, I’m going for it full-time, staying at the top is the goal.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Finally, What’s your message to your fans who are voting for you and are hoping to see you in the NIMA House? 

PHONIX: For my fans words can’t quantify how thankful I am for the supports we’ve gotten so far. I’m most lucky to have goal-minded and amazing people on my team. I believe any height  is attainable when you have the right supports and we keep proving that right. 

The win is for us, so lets keep our hopes alive with prayers, votes, fresh ideas as we make this goal a reality. Consistency is our watchword.

Love You All🥰

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