‘Don’t Give Up On Me’, Embajuesoul Appeals To Fans 

Bature Emmanuella, a.k.a, Embajuesoul has appealed to her fans not to give up on her especially as NIMA Voting Campaign enters the last and most crucial week.

In this interview with Platform Reporters, Embajuesoul appeals to her fans and supporters that a vote for her is a Vote for youth empowerment, and will be well appreciated. Enjoy the interview excerpts:  

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your full name and what’s your stage name.

EMBAJUESOUL:  I’m Bature Emmanuella also known as “Embajuesoul”.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your State of Origin and how old are you now?

EMBAJUESOUL:  I’m from Niger State, Nigeria and aged 22 years.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your education qualification and course of study if a graduate or undergraduate.

 EMBAJUESOUL: I’m a National Diploma holder in Public Health Technician and a licensed one at that. Although my quest for knowledge didn’t stop there, at the moment I’m studying “Health Care Management” and in Level 3.

Voting graphic of EMBAJUESOUL for the ongoing NIMA Popularity Contest

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How do you feel when you saw your name in third spot in the Week 2 Voting Result that was just released? 

EMBAJUESOUL: I felt optimistic and enthusiastic not to give up at this spot. I was as well thankful to God because He made it possible.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How easy or hard has it been for you campaigning for votes from your fans in the past weeks?

EMBAJUESOUL: It’s never been easy. I realized I should not expect much from people. But just strive each day with lot of action and no worries.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your advice to other NIMA contestants who are yet to make top 10 list ?

EMBAJUESOUL: Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Giving up is where the failure lies.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: As a NIMA Contestant, what is your talent and what vibes are you bringing to NIMA House if you eventually qualify as a housemate?

EMBAJUESOUL:  I’m inspiring, I sing, dance, act, write and more. My presence in the NIMA house would get you thrilled.

Week 2 Voting Result with EMBAJUESOUL occupying third spot with 39% of votes

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your current occupation, what are you doing currently to earn a living?

EMBAJUESOUL: I work as a secretary with Cushy Access Logistics. I also trade grains with my mum.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How prepared are you for this week 3 Voting Campaign. You know other contestants already feel challenged. Are you going to fight hard to overtake Hugoboss and Emmy or you just want to retain your position?

EMBAJUESOUL: I’m indifferent, I’ve always been prepared but God crowns all efforts.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Finally, What’s your message to your fans who are voting for you and are hoping to see you in the NIMA House for the Live Show? 

EMBAJUESOUL: Don’t give up on me. With you this dream would be a reality and empowerment of youth a sure thing.

3 thoughts on “‘Don’t Give Up On Me’, Embajuesoul Appeals To Fans 

  1. I am prayerful and hopeful that embajuesoul will take the day and her dreams will come true.
    Lovely Dad (Emmanuel Bature

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