I Will Keep Audience Glued to Their TV Screens With My Fascinating Singing Talent – Emmy 

Emem Wilfred Roberts, popularly known as EMMY has revealed that she will keep fans and audience glued to their TV set with her fascinating singing vibes if she makes it into NIMA House.

Speaking with Platform Reporters in this media chat, Emmy assured her fans that they won’t be disappointed as she will thrill them with her singing talent with passion. Excepts:

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your full name and what’s your stage name.

EMMY: My name is Emem Wilfred Roberts, I go by the stage name, EMMY.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your State of Origin and how old are you now?

EMMY: I’m from Akwa Ibom state, Ikot Ekpene to be precise and I’m 25 years old.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your education qualification and course of study if a graduate or undergraduate.

EMMY: I’m a degree holder, B.A Philosophy, Department of Philosophy from the prestigious University of Calabar.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How do you feel when you saw your name in the second spot in the Week 2 Voting Result that was just released? 

EMMY: To be honest, my week 2 goal was to be among the first top three though, but I was sincerely aiming for the first spot. I had mixed feelings immediately I saw the results due to the fact that I was so particular about being first, but coming out second was still within the goal so I’m excited.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How easy or hard has it been for you campaigning for votes from your fans in the past weeks?

EMMY: First week wasn’t really easy for me, because NIMA isn’t as known as  popular Big Brother Naija yet, so a lot of persons felt it wasn’t real, I needed skills to convince them that it was real and they should vote for me, but this week 2 voting was basically from my family and closest people that believe in me so it made it a lot easier for me to scale through.

Voting Graphic of EMMY for the NIMA Popularity Contest

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your advice to other contestants who didn’t make top 10 in week 2 and are feeling discouraged already?

EMMY: My sincere advice to my fellow contestants is this: I understand that it hasn’t been easy to get votes for the past weeks because I am also in that road with you all, but one thing that has helped me and kept me going is that I kept telling myself that “I have come this far to quit”, quiting now should not be an option for us, please use that as a yardstick and keep pressing hard.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: As a NIMA Contestant, what is your talent and what vibes are you bringing to NIMA House if you eventually qualify as a housemate?

EMMY: Singing has always been my passion and by the Grace of God, I am good at it, that makes it my talent.

I am going to NIMA house with fascinating vibes to keep my fans/audience glued to their screen.

Week 2 Voting Result with EMMY on second spot with 42% of votes

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your current occupation, what are you doing currently to earn a living?

EMMY: Currently I’m a serving corp member at Calabar Municipal Council, Cross River State.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How prepared are you for this week 3 Voting Campaign. You know other contestants already feel challenged. Are you going to fight hard to overtake Hugoboss or you just want to retain your position?

EMMY: I know other contestants are challenged but I’m always prepared doing the little I can to earn a spot in top 10 at least.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Finally, What’s your message to your fans who are voting for you and are hoping to see you in the NIMA House for the Live Show? 

EMMY: If you know me in person and what I’m good at, you will be confident that I won’t fail you. A big thank you for the votes, posts, supports, words of encouragement and most importantly your fervent prayers for me, God will bless me to bless you.

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