I’m Coming With Full Package Of Premium Content  – Demigod

In this exclusive interview, Platform Reporters held a media chat with Demigod, winner of NIMA Popularity Test where he talks about how he plans to unleash his arsenal of talents in NIMA House that will keep audience glued to their TV screens.

The Mass Communication graduate also shared his thoughts on a number of other issues regarding the contest, especially as the show is set to begin in few days time. Enjoy the interview excerpts:

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your full name and what’s your stage name.

DEMIGOD: I’m Ogunyemi Oluwajoba, AKA Demigod

PLATFORM REPORTERS:  What’s your State of Origin and how old are you now?

DEMIGOD: I’m from Osun State and I just turn 26 this September 

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your education qualification and course of study if a graduate or undergraduate.

DEMIGOD: Am a National Diploma and a Bachelor Degree holder in Mass Communication.

Demigod occupies top spot position in week 3 voting result

PLATFORM REPORTERS: It’s a double win for you. So how do you feel when you saw your name on the top spot in the Week 3 Voting Result and also top in the 30 Housemates shortlisted for the show this year? 

DEMIGOD: To be honest I was a bit dumbstruck though excited and felt inspired to push harder, I give glory to Almighty.

Demigod occupies top spot among 30 Housemates shortlisted for the show

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How easy or hard has it been for you campaigning for votes from your fans in the past 3 weeks?

DEMIGOD: Wasn’t easy at all I literally had to put down names and numbers of people, I kept on giving it my best everyday but God did I can’t complain.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your advice to other contestants who didn’t make the top 30 list as Housemates for this year?

DEMIGOD: Better luck next time, never stop trying because the seconds you stop that’s when you truly lost.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Now that you have qualified as NIMA Housemate, what talents, skills and vibes are you bringing to the NIMA House?

DEMIGOD: Am incline and bringing my full arsenal of talents. Am coming with the full package premium content and keep the viewers glued to their screens

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your current occupation, what are you doing currently to earn a living?

DEMIGOD: Making contents and working day jobs, jack of all trades basically making ends meet.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How prepared are you for the 30 days show in the House, especially in terms of active participation in the games, tasks, lectures, quizzes etc. Are you really ready to fight for the star prize or you just want to catch all the fun and excitement in the House?

Demigod NIMA voting graphic

DEMIGOD: Am fully prepared for whatever is thrown at me I will be participating in almost everything and always have fun doing it.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Finally, What’s your message to your fans who have voted for you to qualify as a Housemate  and are  looking forward to watching your performances in the House?

DEMIGOD: Once again I want to say thank you to all my fans out there I won’t disappoint you and keep supporting this dream empowerment of the youth. I’m definitely the star you signed up for, premium contents coming to your screens.

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