‘Let This Not Discourage But Trigger You To Aim Greater Heights’, Embajuesoul Advises Other Contestants. 

It’s another media chat with Embajuesoul, a 22 year old indigene of Niger state who made top 3 in week two and week three voting results respectively and also came 3rd amongst the 30 Housemates who qualified for NIMA Reality TV Show Season 2. 

Here, she advises fellow contestants who didn’t qualify as Housemates not to lose hope, but aim for greater heights going forward. The cool, calm and collected young lady also talks about her preparations and supports from fans. Enjoy the excerpts: 

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your full name and what’s your stage name.

EMBAJUESOUL: I’m Bature Emmanuella and goes with the stage name “Embajuesoul” but in short “Embaj”

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your State of Origin and how old are you now?

EMBAJUESOUL: I’m proudly an indigene of Niger State (Nigerlite) and I’m 22 years old.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your education qualification and course of study if a graduate or undergraduate and school attended.

EMBAJUESOUL: At the moment, I’m a Level 3 student in Joint Professional Training Support Institute (JPTS Institute) and a graduate from the department of Public Health Technician from the prestigious Newgate College of Health, Minna, Niger State, which makes me a National Diploma holder.

PLATFORM REPORTERS:  It’s a double win for you. So how do you feel when you saw your name on the third spot in the Week 3 Voting Result and also 3rd best in the 30 Housemates shortlisted for the show this year? 

EMBAJUESOUL: Honestly, I was speechless, overwhelmed, thrilled and didn’t know what to do but thank the Lord for that which felt impossible now made possible, believing he’s already made possible the unknown. Meanwhile, not neglecting to show gratitude to my “family” which include my friends and well-wishers.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How easy or hard has it been for you campaigning for votes from your fans in the past 3 weeks?

EMBAJUESOUL: I don’t know where to place the struggle but things just fell in place. Though the supports I got were mind blowing.

Voting graphic of EMBAJUESOUL for the NIMA Reality TV Show

PLATFORM REPORTERS: What’s your advice to other contestants who didn’t make the top 30 list as Housemates for this year?

EMBAJUESOUL: There’s always an opportunity to take a hold of. Let this not discourage you but serve as a trigger to aim greater heights.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Now that you have qualified as NIMA Housemate, what talents, skills and vibes are you bringing to the NIMA House?

EMBAJUESOUL: I’m coming with some dancing, acting, and writing vibes.  And to sing some inspirational and motivational tunes that will lace an unforgettable mark in your heart.

“I’m coming simple but sophisticated and saturated “.

Embajuesoul occupying 3rd spot in week 3 voting result

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Tell us about your current occupation, what are you doing currently to earn a living?

EMBAJUESOUL: I’m a secretary at Cushy Access Logistics and more.

PLATFORM REPORTERS: How prepared are you for the 30 days show in the House, especially in terms of active participation in the games, tasks, lectures, quizzes, talent performances etc. Are you really ready to fight for the star prize or you just want to catch fun and excitement in the House?

EMBAJUESOUL: I’m very much prepared and still preparing. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’ll make the process enjoyable for me and others and celebrate each moment like a win  but not displacing focus.

Embajuesoul occupies 3rd position among 30 Housemates. shortlisted for the show

PLATFORM REPORTERS: Finally, What’s your message to your fans who have voted for you to qualify as a Housemate  and are  looking forward to watching your performances in the House, or even winning the Show eventually? 

EMBAJUESOUL: We can do it no matter what it takes by believing, acting up and praying. Don’t give up  yet until the race is over. Lastly let’s make this win a reality by being committed team and in my part I promise to give my best for your effort to make a worth.

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