UNICEP Canvasses More Interventions To Enhance Public Service, Calls For Synergy Towards Achieving Objectives.


A One Day Media Dialogue with Health experts from Kano Katsina and jigawa state’s Organized by the Kano field office of UNICEF in conjunction with the National Orientation Agency Kano Directorate office has called for synergy among UNICEF, Media and other  stakeholder’s to support UNICEP programmes  intervention for the improvement of living condition of our community at the grassroots levels.

“We can attain success and meaningful development through a collaborative efforts. I therefore urge us to close ranks in supporting UNiCEF Developmental Intervention in different spheres of human endeavors” 

This assertion was made by Mal. Akilu Muazu the Director Katsina state public health care Agency who applaud UNICEF for coming up with interventions  in areas of Social development, Capacity building, Education, Health to mention but a few where it impacted positively on our community and our states.

Earlier, the Kano Office UNICEF representative, Mr. Ogu Enemaku attributed Illiteracy, lack of community mobilization and increased awareness as banes to  immunization card retention bedeviling rural settlements.

“Vaccination is the most safest way to the prevention of communicable diseases. Therefore communities  at the grassroots must be properly enlightened on safe keeping of their immunization cards, as preservation of such cards count a lot in different formats such as national planning purposes, among other topical issues related to health development in attainment of quality health services for improved living condition”

According to him,  the importance of increased awareness on nursing and care giver mothers to uphold the spirit of attending  periodical routine immunization, and preservation of immunization card’s is over estimated as preservation of such cards from distortion counts a lot in areas of national planning, children’s schools enrollment among other’s.

On the participants,  he call for a positive deliberations which will further enhance our commitments, saying  we on our part, we will not relent in our commitments in promoting other meaningful intervention in rendering humanitarian services aimed at improving public health, nutrition, education, etc.

He assured that UNICEF has designed different programmes with meaningful focus on the advancement of populace of under developed nation Nigeria inclusive, stressing we can only benefit through collaborative initiatives amongst UNICEF/ Media among  other stakeholders.

Parts of the resolutions adopted include calling on states and federal government to collaborate with UNICEF for more intervention to better the lots of our community, as well increase in budgetary allocations to key areas of public service such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Human Capital Development under Economic Empowerment Scheme for job creation to the jobless, Women and the teaming Youths to acquire gainful employment for self reliance.

A cross section of participant’s at the UNICEF Kano field office one day workshop on Immunization Retention Card held in Kano. 

The meeting also drew the attention of the participating media executives on the need to enhance the level of their commitments in creating avenue that will help increase public awareness through the use of certain media channels such as news coverage, news analysis, documentaries, feature write-ups in newspapers or Radio and Television Public programmes, among other media channels.

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